$100 Donation Drive
Paschim Shirdi Saibaba Temple in the Nation's capital

by DC Metro Sai Samsthan

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All we are asking is to donate $100 towards this mission. Please bring 10 of your friends to do the same. Our vision is to reach out to 10,000 Baba devotees in next 6 months. With your help, we can make this happen!!

We have found the place!! We need your support to purchase it and build Paschim Shirdi temple in the Nation's Capital area.

About Us

DC Metro Saisamsthan is a 501(c)3 charitable organization with a mission to build a Sri Shirdi Saibaba Temple in DC metro area for the Indian community to gather for religious functions and prayers. The temple, also, will be used to impart cultural education and Sri Saibaba teachings.

The Samsthan's journey started with Sri Saibaba portrait coming to one of the devotee's home in 2002. Since then, Sri Saibaba has visited and blessed more than 600 homes in DC Metro area. With the strong devotion and determination from all the Baba devotees, the Samsthan has started exploring suitable land to build Sri Saibaba temple.

The Samsthan is built with volunteers who are selfless, dedicated, educated and professional individuals with a common mission to build the Paschim Shirdi Sai temple in the DC metro area . Please visit our Samsthan's website to know more about us.

Contact Us

We value your feedback. Please contact us with any questions, concerns or comments.

  • (+1) 240-SAI-6840
  • saibaba@dcmetrosaisamsthan.org
  • www.dcmetrosaisamsthan.org
  • P.O Box:3026, Germantown, MD 20875